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Kitchen Remodeling - Kitchen Makeover

The tradition of turning to McBride Construction, Inc. for building and remodeling projects started in the 1980s with Budd and Shirlee Tallberg and continues today with their daughter, Louise Graham, and granddaughter, Sarah Shuman and their families. McBride Construction also completed projects for Pearl McPike, Shirlee's mother in the 1980s.

McBride Construction, Inc. — A Family Tradition for Four Generations over 30 years

Everyone who sees Louise and Bill Graham’s renovated upscale kitchen in Petoskey assumes everything in it is brand new. Not so! "What McBride Construction achieved in our home is quite unusual and I want everyone to know about it!" says Louise Graham.

Remodeled kitchen is completely transformed

The incredible transformation was accomplished by rebuilding and reusing existing cabinets in new and creative ways. "Originally, the Grahams came to us because their kitchen was showing a lot of wear and tear and they felt it needed a complete remodel. They requested an estimate for replacing everything, but then realized a project of that scale would not fit their budget. As an alternative, we removed the cabinets to our shop where we replaced the bottoms that had water damage. We added easy rollout slides on the drawers, and soft-close hinges on the cabinet doors. The cabinets were meticulously sanded and painted, then new hardware was added to update their appearance.

We adjusted the position of the rebuilt cabinets while remaining within the existing footprint of the kitchen. This also allowed us to sand and refinish the Graham’s beautiful wood floor, instead of replacing it. We succeeded in providing the Grahams with a fresh, new kitchen that added no debris to the local landfill," said Dave McBride.

According to Louise, the cabinet reconfiguration has everyone fooled. "All who see our remodeled kitchen for the first time insist that we changed the layout." Perhaps the most eye-catching and innovative change to the cabinets is the "hutch" that was designed using the two existing wall cabinets with glass doors for the top section. These cabinets were raised to the ceiling and bumped out from the wall. A wine rack and two decorative corbels were positioned beneath. The lower cabinets were also bumped out and furniture-style feet were attached to complete the look.

This happy customer is a 4th generation client of McBride Construction

Louise describes this process as a lot of fun. "Dave and his guys were so excited," she says. "They would make a sketch of their concept, bring it back to us, and we would make some suggestions. The kitchen is really a combination of all of our ideas."

To achieve a consistent look throughout the kitchen, additional cabinets and accessories were custom built to match the style of the existing cabinets. The peninsula was elongated slightly to make room for the grandkids to sit at the counter and participate in meal preparation. With the money saved by reusing the existing cabinets, the Grahams were able to include some special materials and finishes they were not expecting, while staying within their budget. The sleek granite countertops are one example. They feature a grade of granite called Giallo Ornamental, and Louise had the opportunity to visit the fabricator herself. "I got to handpick the prettiest slabs!" she says. She also upgraded to a tile backsplash, choosing a subway pattern with braided accent tiles. She selected stainless steel appliances, and is especially pleased with the versatility of her new GE range with double-ovens. The Grahams are just thrilled with the results of their remodel.

"What McBride did is unbelievable!" Louise states emphatically. "But after all, that's why our family continues to work with McBride, we know not to expect anything less. Today we have an upscale kitchen that meets the needs of our growing family (which now includes four active grandkids—Ben, Emma, Amelia and Grace) at a price that met our budget. I thank Dave and his crew for suggesting this wonderful option!"

"My parents left our family with an amazing legacy and I would say that McBride Construction, Inc. is part of that."

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